Apartment Renovations

Renovating a New York apartment is like conducting a large and unwieldy orchestra—on a limited stage, with finite resources. First, you’ve got to collaborate with the composers (clients, architects, engineers) to write the piece. Then, you’ve got to select the ideal musicians—from demolition experts to carpenters, plumbers to electricians, masons to cabinetmakers, domestic and overseas vendors, and more.

Finally, you need to program your performance—often (given tight New York construction deadlines) to the precise day….obtaining materials; coordinating countless people, schedules, and inspections; installing systems; dealing with asbestos and other hazards; and choreographing delicate items like cabinetry, wood flooring, and stairs. All of these advance the music, but they need to happen on cue, and to adapt rapidly to changing dynamics.

As with a concert, we’ve got to get it right the first time…and every single time thereafter.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done for decades. We’ve performed our work with passion and commitment. We’ve kept our clients happy, so that they come back to us, again and again, for more.

If you’d like to speak to us about making your New York apartment renovation seamless, give us a call.

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