Client Satisfaction

In construction, things can get complicated. Snags happen. Problems come up. Communication can go awry.

But rest assured: client contentment is our passion, our charge, and our mission.

If you experience a problem with any of our services, please let us know. We’ll go above and beyond to make it right for you. We consider the opportunity to be an honor.

No Hassles 

Whatever the problem, we’ll address it promptly. We’ll listen to where you’re coming from, and figure out a satisfying solution. Then, we’ll put it into place with care.

The Entire Experience Counts
The end result is crucial: you want your home or lobby to look amazing. But your happiness shouldn’t be confined to the end result. We want to cultivate your satisfaction during every part of our project—from working with your architect to tearing down each wall, from hammering in the last nail to cleaning up after ourselves. If you aren’t completely satisfied with every part of the journey, please contact us. We want to hear about the problem so that we can fix it, make it up to you (if possible), and/or continue to refine and improve our services.

The Only Policy is: What Can We Do for You?
It’s not our policy to say “No.” It’s not our policy to say “We can’t.” Our policy is the opposite: we’ll bend over backwards to keep you content. That’s why our clients walk away so happy: they know that we dared to care, and we kept our word.

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