Lobby Renovations

We know how crucial your lobby is. It’s got to fill you with pride and pleasure. It’s your public façade: the first thing to greet visitors—familiar and new.

Yet renovating a lobby is tough business. It needs to be done quickly, with access routes that aren’t too constricting for residents. It can also produce heated viewpoints on how things should look, and what they should be made of.

We’ve kept the peace and enhanced the beauty. We’ve kept things traditional by crafting French limestone walls, creating recessed ceilings from with elegant silver leaf finish, custom terrazzo floors and brass podiums for doormen. We’ve introduced them to the modern side, too, with polished concrete floors, clean lines, and frameless glass doors.

If you’re ready to discuss how we can improve your public façade—while enhancing your enjoyment of your lobby, give us a call.

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