For us, it’s the differences that make things fascinating. Combine two apartments? We’ve done that. (We’ve combined as many as five—whether side-by-side, or above-and-below.) Renovate a townhouse or loft? Check (times a few dozen).

But we’ve never renovated your apartment, townhouse or loft, with your particular set of preferences, opportunities, challenges, and constraints. That challenge keeps us passionate about our work.

The other reason is clear. It’s you.

That’s because—and we don’t say this lightly—we approach every project with the anticipation of forming a relationship that can last decades. For us, not only does that make strong business sense (happy clients = repeat clients + referrals), it keeps our job meaningful. It means less time spent getting to know your needs, and more time spent looking after them.

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Read about our maintenance services, including groutwork, stonework, tile replacing, lighting, woodwork, flooring, and fixture installations.

Read about our apartment, townhouse, and loft renovations.

Read about adding a rooftop structure, terrace, or other luxury feature.

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