Townhouse Renovations

New York townhouses typically live in a time warp. They can be long, narrow, and awkward, while embodying an underlying history and charm. Over time, many have been divided—without any eye for aesthetics. Nearly all contain a central core of systems that—to put it mildly—needs severe updating.

That’s where we come in. We can bring your New York townhouse into the 21st century—even while retaining its 18th century character or going completely modern if you prefer.

We’ve wielded steam wands and dental “picks” to clean off centuries of paint build-up from intricate moldings. We’ve integrated electricity, plumbing and mechanical systems—while replacing fire-damaged beams. We’ve torn out rotten windows, replacing them with insulated ones that only look old. We’ve built rooftop oases and rearyard extensions. We’ve relocated stairs—and installed elevators and dumb waiters.

If you’re ready to discuss how renovating your New York townhouse can provide pleasure over pain, give us a call.

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